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Our business transcription services, including corporate transcriptions, are wide and varied. Whether you are a CEO of a large corporation, a sole proprietor of a small business, or somewhere in between, Pioneer Transcription Services can provide the quality transcripts you need.

Types of Business Transcription Services:

Large corporations enjoy the flexibility our electronic transcription services offer. They call on our voice transcription services on an as-needed basis for overflow situations. Our staff can handle their larger transcription projects in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.

In these tough economic times when many companies of all sizes are being forced to downsize, utilizing Pioneer Transcription Services for your transcription and typing services needs is a great way to save money. Since we are not employees, but simply a business providing a service, your company is not responsible for any taxes or employee health benefits, vacation or sick days. When times are slow you do not pay for employees trying to find something to do to justify their paychecks. You only pay for work produced on an as-needed basis.

Financial Transcription Services

Some of the business transcription services we can assist you with include financial earnings calls and meetings. By using our teleconference transcription services you can have a transcript made of your telephone meetings. Our staff is diversified in the specialized industries that these calls and meetings entail. We are ready to research any terminology we may be unfamiliar with, always adding to our knowledge-base. We understand the fast turnaround this work requires and are ready to provide this to your company.

Interview Transcription

We provide in-depth interview transcription services for research clients and dissertation students. Private investigators and insurance companies conduct many one-on-one interviews that we specialize in transcribing. Focus group transcription for market research companies is another area of business transcription services we offer.

Meetings and Conference Calls

We can transcribe your annual and monthly board meetings, conference calls and brainstorming sessions using our meeting transcription services. Having a written record of these meetings can be extremely helpful and are sometimes even required by law. Being able to read through a transcript of a conference call after the fact is important in recalling all that was discussed in the call, making sure all important points are noted.

In a brainstorming session, ideas are bouncing around very quickly and topics are changing just as quickly. Again, a written transcript can help your company catch key ideas that might be forgotten without a written transcript.

Speeches, Lectures and Talks

It's almost always a good idea to get a transcript made of speeches, lectures and talks. Individuals who were unable to attend the event can then read a transcript of what was talked about in the speech, lecture or talk. These transcripts can also be used as source material for books, articles and websites. Our lecture transcription services makes it easy to get these transcripts made.


Many executives enjoy the ease of dictating their correspondence and reports. Attorneys dictate summaries, briefs, correspondence, et cetera. Utilizing our report transcription services is the ideal solution for these busy professionals to get their work transcribed. The attorney or executive can dictate the work at their own pace and can upload it using our secure, encrypted website 24/7 where our expert staff will give it their full and professional attention in a timely manner.

Many authors also prefer to dictate their work. They might also want to dictate their ideas and brainstorming sessions. We can provide a written transcript of any of these options.

Online Videos and Podcasts

The business world is changing all the time. At Pioneer Transcription Services we are always trying to stay abreast of these changes. We know that online videos and podcasts are being used by a lot of companies in many different ways. There are many reasons a company might want their online video or podcast transcribed. The search engines will pick up keywords from a transcript, whereas they wouldn't from a video. Many people learn and retain knowledge better by reading than by watching a video. A written transcript makes this much easier for these types of learners, plus it is nice to have the written format to refer back to and to review key elements. Some businesses might also like to have their online videos and podcasts transcribed so that they can create an e-book to sell or give away to potential clients.

Submitting Jobs for Business Transcription Services

If you are submitting an online video or podcast for business transcription services you can simply e-mail us a link with a request to transcribe it.
If you have a digital audio file format such as wav, mp3, wma, dss, et cetera (we accept all digital audio file formats), you can upload a file at any time.

We can also provide cassette tape and DVD transcription services.

We will transcribe your job into a Microsoft Word document unless requested otherwise. We can also provide your documents in WordPerfect. Just let us know if that is a preference.

We are a United States Transcription Services company, who uses only US-based transcriptionists. We believe this is essential to deliver the quality transcripts our business clients demand. We give great care to each and every transcript we create. All transcriptionists have a strong command of the English language as well as excellent research skills, which are essential in this business.

Prices for business transcription services is $1.75 per audio minute for standard turnaround time and $2.00 per audio minute for 24-hour turnaround time. We accept all digital audio files in any format, CDs, cassette tapes and micro cassette tapes.

We reserve the right to refuse any recording that is substandard and extremely difficult to transcribe.

You are always welcome to upload a file 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We look forward to providing your business transcription services needs.

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