Here are just a few testimonials from our clients regarding our transcription service and owner/operator, Deborah Devitt.

I have been using Pioneer Transcription Services exclusively for years. Debi is a pleasure to work with and always returns a completed report in my format within 24 hours. Her website is a breeze to upload files. Her accuracy is beyond amazing and she even makes suggestions when there is a discrepancy in the report. Why would I ever use anyone else?
Michael Goodman, ICU Investigations

"I have used Pioneer Transcription Services for more than five years. They are quick in turnover of verbatim audio statements and accurate to a “t”. I highly recommend Pioneer."
John Matula, Private Investigator

“Deborah (Debbi) is a top-notch transcriber who works quickly and accurately for a great price. I have recommended her through both my private research consulting business to clients and through the graduate school at which I teach. She is consistently the first person I think of when I consider any transcription job, and she is very personable too.”
Ryan Rominger, Ph.D., Online Education and Research Specialist

“Deborah is a first-rate transcriber. I can always count on her to deliver perfect transcriptions that save me oodles of time.”
Karen Goldfarb, Freelance Writer

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