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We have been providing private investigator and insurance transcription since we opened for business in 1990. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of the transcribed statements we provide these two industries, which many times go hand in hand.

Private investigators are often hired to conduct workers' compensation interviews, criminal defense interviews and insurance claims interviews. They are expertly trained in conducting these interviews and know how to get the information needed from the interviewees. It is important to get an absolute accurate transcript of these interviews. Many times they take advantage of our workers' compensation transcription.

Pioneer Transcription Services provides two types of verbatim transcription. Strict verbatim is transcribing every single word and utterance in the recording, including all false starts, ums, uhs, etc. Cleaned up verbatim includes every single word spoken, but leaving out the false starts, ums, uhs, etc. Some people prefer this style as it makes for an easier to read transcript. Others prefer strict verbatim as they want every single utterance.

Insurance adjusters also conduct a lot of interviews. These might be for automobile accidents, workers' compensation or homeowner's claims. These interviews are often done over the telephone and recorded digitally. Many insurance adjusters will also make a site visit if they are going to be taking several witness statements. They can often spend a whole day or more taking recorded statements. Once they get back to the office they can upload their digital audio files to the transcription services company who will then create transcripts. Again, an absolutely accurate transcript is vital and we understand this.

Using our insurance adjusters transcription is also perfect for adjusters who dictate a lot of summary reports. At Pioneer Transcription Services we can type your reports into any report format you prefer, even into your letterhead template. You can be assured that your report will be of the highest quality, ready to send on to your clients with full confidence you are sending them a professional and accurate report.

Another service we are providing to insurance companies and private investigators is editing of their reports. We have some clients who send us a "rough notes" document and we edit these notes into a polished, professional report. This is a great service for those who need some help in the area of grammar and punctuation.

We would love to assist you with your private investigator and insurance transcription needs. You are welcome to upload a file at any time. We are also always available by telephone
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and e-mail.

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