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Our History:

If you have been wondering about Pioneer Transcription Services and how it came into being, this page tells you everything about our history.

Formed in 1990 as Your Secretarial Service, Deborah Devitt began doing transcription for several local private investigators and university students in the Santa Rosa, California area.

In 1993 Deborah's family and business moved to Reno, Nevada where she again worked with private investigators and students, while adding several attorneys to her client list.

Finally in 1996 the family and business made a final move to Penn Valley, about an hour's drive from Sacramento, California, where the business was renamed Devitt's Secretarial Service. This relocation coincided with the internet becoming an innovative, new way of doing business. The company immediately created a web presence and began working with clients across the country and across the world. This included working for Task Transcription Services in California as a subcontractor and working under government contract with the Smithsonian. At first this meant mailing tapes back and forth, but eventually the world of transcription services was transformed by the invention of digital recording. Not only did the quality of the recorded material improve dramatically, but clients were now able to send the audio files directly over the Internet allowing for even faster turnaround of transcripts.

Realizing the company's niche had really become transcription services, the name was changed to Devitt's Transcription Services. In 2007 Deborah joined forces with her husband's drafting service and they incorporated into Pioneer Support Services. Each spouse ran a division of that company, Pioneer Transcription Services and Pioneer Drafting Services, for several years.  In late 2013 when working on a large transcription project together, they both realized that if they combined their talents and focus they could provide even better service to their clients by dropping the drafting service all together and focusing strictly on the transcription services business. 

P.T.S. is still servicing several private investigations services, attorneys and dissertation students, but have also increased their expertise over the years to include insurance companies, oral historians, translators, focus groups and more. Always keeping up with current trends, the company is also now offering webcast, teleseminar, podcast, video and conference call transcription.

We continue to look for unmet transcription needs in the business world and look for ways to fulfill those needs.

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