Recording Tips

Here you will find recording tips to help you get the best transcript possible. We asked several of our current clients to give us their best advice for conducting and recording interviews and dictation. I am sure if you follow this advice you will get great recordings, which in turn makes it easier for us to return to you a flawless transcript.

  • "Enunciate clearly." ~ Karen Goldfarb

  • "Interview in a quiet environment. No TV, no screaming kids, no traffic noise. Explain the entire process before turning on the recorder so there are no surprises or arguments as to why you're asking the questions you're asking. Most important tip...Have an extra set of batteries at all times because when the batteries go dead, you get no warning. The recorder just shuts off. And lastly, always use the highest quality recording setting. Instead of getting 100+ hours of recording time you get around 10 hours, but the quality is worth it. And if you download everyday like you should, you can erase the files and start fresh the next day."
    ~ David Lewin, Haig and Lewin, Investigators, Adjusters

  • "Watch your levels. Make sure your peak is no higher than -6 dp."
    ~ Ed Goldfarb, Madcap Labs Audio Objects

  • "Always have a general format to follow and organize your thoughts a bit before recording a report. It makes life easier for you and your fabulous transcription expert!" ~ Pat V., Claims Adjuster

  • "Truthfully, having an external microphone like the Sennheiser MD-46 makes a tremendous difference in audio quality, both from an "intimidation" standpoint (you look the part!), and especially for voice quality. Also, it's much easier with an external microphone to ratchet back and forth between the interviewer and the subject, ala a real reporter."
    ~ Christopher Springmann, On the Path Productions
    *Please keep in mind that Chris is creating radio recordings so his needs could be much different than the average interviewer.

  • Coming soon - Recommended recording equipment.

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