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This is the place to upload a file for online transcription service. We use a secure, encrypted upload site to ensure total confidentiality of all files processed.  Also, audio files are usually too large for e-mail programs to handle, so using this upload system makes it easy to send us large files or multiple files all at once.

Please include your e-mail address, any special instructions and any name spellings you may have.

Please pick one option of verbatim levels as referenced here:

Standard: No um, uhs or stutters. Excessive verbal tics/fillers removed, but otherwise all is captured. (Most common/recommended for interviews)

Strict Verbatim: Every word spoken, every grunt captured.  (Can make for a transcript that is more difficult to read.)

Super Clean: Liberal clean-up employed for the cleanest possible professional read. Of course, nothing important removed. (Usually for dictation, but sometimes for interviews that are for reference only.)

Upload Here

Once your file is transcribed it will be returned to you either via e-mail or using this same secure, encrypted method. You will be sent an e-mail notification that it is ready for download. It's all that simple!

Alternative Upload for online transcription service (the original upload):

If for any reason you have difficulty uploading a file using the link above, please feel free to upload a file through the following link. 

Leapfile Link to Upload Files for Transcription

This is the link for LeapFile, which many of our previous clients prefer, so we are keeping it as an option.

We give this alternative upload option so that if there is ever a problem with the the above system (which is very rare), you can still send us files for transcription.  We want to always have options for you to send files to us.

Also, we are happy to receive links from you to download audio and video files.  If you have an FTP site you would like us to work from or another website, simply e-mail us the link at

Over ninety-nine percent of the time there is not a problem with uploading files to us, but if you should ever run into a problem, please do not hesitate to call us so that we may assist you.  Our phone number is (530) 913-3051.

You may also send us CDs and Flashdrives by regular postal mail too if that is more convenient for you.  We want this process to be as easy as possible.  Our mailing address is: 

Pioneer Transcription Services
P.O. Box 853
Penn Valley, CA  95946

If using Fed Ex and they need a physical address you can use the following address:

Pioneer Transcription Services

17345 Pioneer Way

Rough & Ready, CA  95975

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