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Free Transcription?

Yes, we do want to offer you a free transcription trial of our services. We are so sure that you will love Pioneer Transcription Services that we want to give you 10 minutes of audio transcribed for free! We just want the chance to prove to you the quality of our services. We know that once you try Pioneer Transcription Services you will be convinced of the quality and ease of our services.

This is an absolutely free offer with no obligation or strings attached. There are only two limitations to this offer. You cannot use this offer if you use a Yahoo, Hot Mail, Gmail or other free e-mail service. This is to prevent individuals from creating fake e-mails to receive this free offer again and again. We are sorry to have to do this, but we have actually had individuals try to take advantage of our free offer in this way.  The other limitation is that we will not under any circumstances transcribe a test for you for another transcription company!  Yes, we have had people try to get away with this several times.  

Not many transcription companies are willing to do this, but we feel it is important that you get a chance to see the quality of our work product before committing a large project for processing.  We use only United States typists and proofreaders for our work, it is all done by human beings, and it shows.  Our accuracy rate is nearly 99%!

If you have a regular e-mail address (business, personal, school) you can take immediate advantage of your free trial offer. Simply upload your file and type in "10 minutes free" in the message area, along with any other instructions. If your audio file is longer than 10 minutes we will simply bill you for the difference or stop at 10 minutes, whichever you prefer.

Do we get taken advantage of with this offer?  Yes, of course.  We have many people just trying to get something for nothing.  Our intention is not to "give away the farm," but to offer a way for serious individuals and businesses to try our services risk-free.  We pay our typists for the freebie (you do not!), but our hope is that you will see how awesome our services are and will want to become a regular customer.

Please only one trial offer per office or business. Thank you! And thank you for the opportunity to serve you!  We know you will not be disappointed.

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