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Electronic Transcription Services:

Our electronic transcription services are the perfect digital dictation solution for your company. We can transcribe mp3, dss, . ds2, wma, wav, mov, aiff, au, vox, mp4, msv and many other digital audio and video file formats.  We can handle straight dictation and digitally recorded interviews.

Using digital file formats has several benefits. First, the quality of your recordings are going to be crisp and clean, ultimately resulting in a better transcript. Another benefit is the faster turnaround it allows. You can conduct an interview or dictate a report or letter, send it to us within minutes, and have it returned to you sometimes within a matter of hours (depending on the length of audio).

Using the latest technology in this manner makes using an online transcription service a smart business move.  

All of our typists are based in the United States and have undergone extensive training.  We continuous check their work for quality assurance.  We love the written word and are passionate about providing a stellar transcript every single time.  We will research for unfamiliar terms and names of institutions, places and people.  All of our typists are well-read and have knowledge on a wide variety of topics.

Our pricing is simple and straightforward.  We charge $1.75 per audio minute for standard turnaround time (approximately two days) and $2.00 per audio minute for rush turnaround time (next day or 24-hour turnaround).  We prefer that files are sent to use through our online portal (link below or at the top menu bar), although we are willing to download from your Dropbox or other online link.  We can even transcribe your videos from any video online, whether it be WebEx, You Tube, or any other video.  We do not charge extra for difficult audio.  The only things we charge extra for are multiple speakers (more than 4 speakers) and frequent timestamps (we can provide two per page at no additional cost if you request it).

We have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We work very hard in pleasing each and every client and meeting their specific needs.  We always want to provide quality transcripts at an affordable price in a timely manner.

Remember you can upload a file to us any time of day or night.  We will begin processing and working on your project as soon as we possible.

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