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Whether you are a market research company looking for focus group transcription or a graduate student conducting research for your dissertation, we can help you get your interviews into written transcripts.

Tips for Conducting Focus Group Interviews

We want you to have the highest quality transcript possible. One way to assist us in achieving this goal is to follow as many of our recording tips as possible.

When possible provide a list of names to the transcription service for them to use in the process of producing the transcripts.

Consider the setting in which you will be conducting your interviews. It should be quiet, without outside distractions such as traffic, ringing telephones, et cetera. Air conditioners and heaters can also make distracting background noises which can make it more difficult for the transcriptionist to hear what is being said. You also want the setting for your participants to be comfortable for your participants. There are many facilities around the country that are set up specifically for conducting focus groups. Of course, you don't need to use one of these facilities to have a successful session. They just make it simpler.

Conducting the Session

You can think of your focus group session as having three main parts.

First is the opening when you will welcome the participants and explain the purpose of the focus group. This would also be the time to have each participant identify themselves.

The second part of the session is obviously the longest and the real meat of the session - your questions and the participants' answers. During this portion of the session it is important to keep the discussion on topic. Gently steer the conversation back to the topic when you notice it starting to wander. Keep track of the time. You want to make sure you get to all the points you want to cover while still respecting your participants' time. Finally, make sure everybody gets a chance to speak. There are bound to be more outspoken members of the group. Be careful they don't overpower the quieter members of the group.

Ask participants to try not to speak over each other. Some talkover is inevitable, but try to minimize it as much as possible.

The final part of your session is the closing portion. Ask the participants if there is anything they'd like to add. Assure them that their names or any other identifying information will not be used. Wrap it all up by thanking your participants for their time and opinions.

You are now ready to send your interviews out for focus group transcription. We hope you will trust PTS with your transcription services needs.

Pricing for Multiple Speaker Transcription

Because of the complexity involved in transcribing multiple speakers, the rates are a bit higher than for one-on-one interviews.
The price for one-on-one interviews is $1.75 per minute.
The price for three speakers is $2.00 per minute of audio.
The price for four or more speakers is $3.00 per minute of audio. Rush service is slightly more per audio minute.

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