Typing Services

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Typing Services:

Our typing services include transcription services, as well as full service secretarial services.

We can type your PDF files into Word format easily and affordably. We can also type your handwritten documents into Microsoft Word documents. Our typists have a keen eye and are well-trained in deciphering difficult writing.

We also offer the following services:

Thesis Papers
Thesis Interviews
Term Papers
Data Entry
Word Processing
Class Lecture Notes
Legal Documents

We price these services based on several factors, including font size, margins and amount of typing on a page. You can


us a sample page of your document and we will give you a price quote.

We have done many manuscripts, screenplays and a wide variety of blog posts, books, manuals, legal documents, term papers, and a wide variety of miscellaneous documents. 

While many people know how to type, we pride ourselves on our command of the English language and a superior knowledge of excellent grammar and punctuation.  It is worth the cost to have a professional type your documents when it is something you need of a professional nature.  How your document looks is very important to put forth a professional image.

All of our typists are based in the United States.  We never send our work overseas to save money as some transcription companies do.  Most of our typists are stay-at-home moms, retired people and individuals looking to make a living out of their homes to enhance their lives for various reasons.

We have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and always strive to provide the very best possible service.

You can mail hard copy items to us for typing to the following address:

Pioneer Transcription Services, P.O. Box 853, Penn Valley, CA  95946.

It is always a good idea to drop us an email to let us know you have sent something so we can be on the lookout for it and confirm via email that it has arrived safely.  We also accept rough draft Word documents or PDF files of documents.

If you are more comfortable dictating what it is you want typed, we are always happy to work from audio formats.  You can upload all types of audio files to us on our upload page.  We can work from MP3 files, wma files, dss files and many, many others.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to drop us an email, call or text.  We will get back to you right away with answers to your questions.

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