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Lecture Transcription Services:

We offer superior quality lecture transcription services for a variety of scenarios. We can transcribe university professors' classroom and symposium lectures for both professors and/or students who want to capture the lecture notes for further in-depth review of materials covered during the talk.  These notes can be used for studying for exams in the class and assist in retaining the information without the hassle of taking notes during class time.  You simply record the professor, send the audio tape to us, and we produce a transcript of what the professor talked about during his classroom lecture.

We also offer sermon transcription services for pastors, churches or anyone who wants written transcripts of various sermons.  These are great for people who do not have time to sit through a 30 to 40 minute sermon, but want to quickly read the text of a sermon. 

Business lectures and presentations are another transcription service we offer, as well as seminar transcription services.  So many times it is useful to have a written transcript of a speech or presentation given at a business event.

We can work from any digital audio or video file you may have. You can upload these to us at any time using our online transcription services.

If you only have a website link of a lecture that you need transcribed we can still assist you with that!  You can simply send us a link and we can handle it from there. This even includes WebEx recordings, You Tube videos, or any other type of recording that is already posted on the internet, et cetera. 

Our prices are simple and straightforward at $1.75 per audio minute for 2 to 3 day turnaround (usually less) or $2.00 per audio minute for 24-hour turnaround.  This way you know exactly how much you will pay before you even send us your audio files.

All of our transcriptionists are based in the United States and are very well-read.  We test each and every applicant and they are only on our list of typists if they pass our test.  Then we constantly review their work to make sure it is up to the standards we expect in creating high quality transcripts for our clients.

We provide excellent, friendly and reliable transcription services.  We have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, which we are very proud of.  We welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have.

Phone: (530) 913-3051

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