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We are proud to provide legal transcription services to the legal community.

There are many benefits to using our transcription company for your legal transcription services needs. First, you do not pay for employee taxes or health insurance benefits, sick days or vacation days. You only pay for work produced on an as-needed basis. If your regular legal secretary is overworked, our service is the perfect option to help her accomplish more for your law firm.

Using Pioneer Transcription Services, you can dictate your reports, correspondence, pleadings, briefs, deposition summaries, medical summaries, memorandums, motions, et cetera at your convenience and upload them to us 24/7.

With our court transcription services we can also transcribe your witness statements, court hearings, wiretap recordings, interrogatories and depositions. We can even transcribe your seminars, webinars and podcasts should you ever have the need.

We offer tape transcription (both standard and micro cassette), DVD transcription, CD transcription and digital transcription of any file format, including most proprietary file extensions. If you need a digital recorder, please contact us and we can provide that for you.

We can provide your transcripts in either WordPerfect or MS Word format, whichever you prefer.

We know that in the legal world, time is of the essence. That is why we offer 24-hour turnaround for jobs that are 60 minutes of audio or less. We also know that confidentiality is a huge issue. That is why we offer you a file transfer service that is encrypted and secure. This is used for both sending and receiving audio files and the completed documents. The service we use is HIPAA compliant, giving you the added assurance of total confidentiality.

Some of our clients have suggested that dictation transcription services should be charged at a slightly different rate than say recorded interviews, so we are now offering a per word price as opposed to the per audio minute price we usually charge.

For legal dictation of letters, memos, document summaries, deposition summaries, et cetera, we are offering the option of a special price of just 0.015 cents per word. (That's one and a half cents per word.)

If you are ready to try our services you can upload a file now. Please include any special instructions or requirements you may have.
If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome your inquiries.

(530) 913-3051

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