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Court Transcription Services:

Our legal and court transcription services are the perfect solution for court reporters, law enforcement and law offices both large and small. Pioneer Transcription Services can easily handle your witness interviews, depositions, hearings, trials, wiretap recordings, workers' compensation hearings, memorandums, correspondence, et cetera.

An absolute strict verbatim record is required for these types of recordings. That is why we have a strict quality assurance procedure in place to ensure that you get the most accurate transcript possible. Our transcriptionists are highly qualified and trained in providing these services. Many are former legal secretaries and/or court reporters. All of our transcriptionists have been tested and are constantly checked for quality standards.  They are well versed in legal terminology and will do the necessary research to find spellings of people, places, and any unknown terms if they are not given.

Pioneer Transcription Services also offers Spanish transcription, which is sometimes needed in legal proceedings. We offer both the translation and the transcription needed for Spanish speaking witnesses.  This service is based upon availability of our Spanish transcriptionists.

PTS accepts all digital audio files, including WMA, MP3, WAV, WMV, DSS, DVF, MPG, MSV, FLV and more. We also accept DVD and video files. DVDs can be mailed to us if you are unable to upload them because of their size.  They can be mailed to the following address:  P.O. Box 853, Penn Valley, CA  95946  (Please e-mail us that you have mailed a DVD or CD so that we can be on the alert for it and notify you when we receive it.)

We are proud to provide transcription services for recordings made with For the Record (FTR) as well.

We guarantee total confidentiality and provide a secure and encrypted file transfer service.

We also offer FAST service and most weekends are available for weekend turnaround. We know sometimes attorneys need something over the weekend and we have several typists who work weekends.

Use our online transcription link to upload a file or files for transcription now or at your convenience or e-mail, or even call (530) 913-3051 for more information on how we may be of assistance to you.

Be sure to see our Legal Transcription Services for other legal transcription services we offer.

We have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and we always strive to give the best possible service to our clients.

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