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PTS is proud to provide deaf transcription services to the hearing impaired community. We can handle all your speech to text transcription needs.

Perhaps your church provides MP3 audio files of sermons online for members to listen to, but for the hearing impaired it is essential to have a transcript to read as well. We can take any digital audio file or video file you send us and create a sermon transcript for you to read. See our sermon transcription services for more info.

Students in the deaf community need lectures transcribed. Using our academic transcription services allows you to have a complete transcript of everything the professor says. We offer rush services on a regular basis for these students. It is best to contact us and set up a schedule to meet your specific class schedule needs so that we can return transcripts to you within 24 hours or less.

Other transcripts for the deaf services we can provide include podcast transcription and conference call transcription.

Anything that you see on the internet that you want a transcript of, we can easily provide that for you.  Be it a You Tube video, a seminar presentation, a speech given, an interview, etc.  Basically any voice to text transcription needs you may have, we can provide.

How to Submit a Request for Deaf Transcription Services:

You can upload files to us any time of day or night via our online transcription services.

We do not have a minimum order. We accept credit cards, Pay Pal and checks. We can also set up to be a vendor with your university or other entity. We are already set up with several universities as a vendor, and never mind doing the paperwork involved if we are not already a vendor with your university.

We believe in keeping our transcription prices straightforward and simple so you will always know in advance the price of transcribing your project. Please see the column at the right to see our simple pricing structure. At the top of the right hand column you can upload files to us. You can also use our video transcription form to send us to a website to record a video for you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to assisting you and bringing you text documents from audio and video.

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