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We can easily provide you with DS2 transcription services.  Many companies are not willing or able to work with DS2 files.  We have done some research and found conversion software.  We do not mind investing in this type of software as it allows us to service our clients above and beyond what other transcription companies are willing to do.

Why Would You Need DS2 Transcription?

The newest Olympus digital recorders are factory set to automatically record in DS2 format. Many transcription companies are not yet able to handle this new file format. The typical transcription software does not recognize DS2 files or the files "skip" when trying to transcribe them. Pioneer Transcription Services is ready and able to fulfill this need for you.

You can upload your DS2 audio files using our file transfer service and we will provide a written transcript in a timely manner. Our regular straightforward rates of $1.75 per audio minute for regular turnaround and $2.00 per audio minute for 24-hour turnaround apply.  We will handle your DS2 file as we would any other job and will not charge extra for the conversion process.  

Remember, all of our typists are based in the United States and continually undergo our strict quality assurance process.  We work hard to hire the best of the best to provide you the best transcript possible.

We are also offering a file conversion service for other transcription services that need to get their audio files converted from DS2 to a file format they can work with. We can convert your files to wma, wav, dss, or MP3. The charge for this is $7.50 per audio file. You simply upload your DS2 file, telling us in the message what output you prefer and that you only want the file converted but not transcribed. We usually will take care of this within a couple of hours during normal working hours. We will send you a PayPal money request, which you can pay with either credit card or PayPal funds. We will then send you a link to download your converted file(s).

If you want, please feel free to call or text us for availability for this service at (530) 913-3051.

Our company is very proud of our A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We are always working hard to provide our customers with the very best transcription services we can.

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