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Two Types of Verbatim Transcription:

We offer two types of verbatim transcription. You may choose either absolute strict verbatim, which includes every single utterance spoken, including ums, uhs, hm-hmms, false starts and repeated words.

We also offer cleaned up verbatim, which includes every word spoken, but without the ums, uhs, hm-hmms, false starts and repeated words.

There are times when each type of transcript is appropriate. Using the cleaned up verbatim option really makes for an easier to read transcript. Sometimes speakers interject non-essential words such as hm-hmm or uh-hmm when the other speaker is talking. Having these included in the transcript can be distracting to the reader and adds absolutely no value to the transcript. The same can be said regarding ums, uhs, repeated words and false starts. If a transcript is going to be used for posting on your website you would definitely want a cleaned up version of the transcript.

On the other hand, there are times when you might want every single utterance included. Usually this would be for court documents or transcripts that may be submitted to a court for litigation purposes.

Some students may also want every utterance transcribed for analyzing purposes, while others prefer to have a cleaned up version.

Please note that we are not talking about paraphrasing the conversation when we are talking about cleaned up verbatim. We are talking about an exact transcript of what was said, but just leaving out the ums, uhs, hm-hmms, repeated words and false starts.

Whichever version you decide on you can be assured that Pioneer Transcription Services will provide you with an excellent transcript at a very affordable price. Our rates are $1.75 per audio minute ($105.00 per hour of audio) for standard turnaround. Our standard turnaround is much faster than most transcription services at an average of 2 days or less! We also offer 24-hour turnaround for a slightly higher rate of $2.00 per audio minute ($120 per hour of audio).

You can upload your files to us at any time of day or night using our online transcription services.  Look for any Upload a File link in the right hand column. It is as simple as sending an e-mail.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (530) 913-3051 or by e-mail at

We look forward to assisting you with all your transcription needs.

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