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Individuals who are new to transcription often look for practice tape transcription websites. While we are not aware of any sites completely dedicated to practice tapes, the sites we list on this page are full of different types of audio files which are good options for practicing your transcription skills.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are first starting out doing transcription is to take your time. Do not try to rush through and get done as quickly as possible. Your speed will slowly increase over time. Remember to transcribe every word spoken. If you rush too quickly, you may miss words. Even those little words are important and can sometimes change the whole meaning of a sentence. It takes great concentration to type what you are hearing and to keep in mind proper spellings and punctuation. Spellcheck is not going to catch if you use "then" instead of "than" or "two" instead of "to." You need to be constantly checking yourself to make sure you are typing the correct words.

Practice, practice, practice, and if you have the right skills you will quickly become a professional transcriptionist.

Here are some audio files you can download and play in your transcription software. Simply click on the link and then right click and save as to save the file to play in your transcription software.  After you transcribe, check yourself against the transcript provided below it.

Here are some other ideas for practicing your skills.

American Rhetoric: Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century is a great site with mp3 files of famous speeches. The site also includes transcripts so you can check your work!

Learn Out Loud is another site with audio files of speeches.

Want some practice transcribing sermons? Several churches offer their sermons in mp3 format.

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