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Are you looking for legal transcription jobs at home?

Pioneer Transcription Services offers the opportunity of providing legal transcription services from your home. These positions are for independent subcontractors, and individuals who work for us are responsible for their own taxes and benefits. Applicants must have their own equipment, including computers, word processing software (we prefer Microsoft Word), and transcription software and hardware. 

Applicants should also possess the following skills: An "ear" for transcription and excellent grammar and punctuation skills, attention to details and a strong work ethic, always being on time with your work and never "flaking" on a job and not completing it.  We do a lot of work for a workers' compensation law office, so we are especially interested in applicants who have a knowledge of workers' compensation vocabulary.

Most of our legal transcription work involves transcribing witness interviews, dictated legal documents and summaries.  Turnaround time is usually two days, but sometimes less and sometimes more.  We do provide you with a sample document for each client and you would then transcribe the new dictation.  Transcription jobs with Pioneer usually pay by the page instead of by the audio minute.  Each pay rate is listed in the ScribeManager queue where the jobs are located and available for claiming.  We do pay a fair wage, unlike some of the other transcription companies.

Not all transcriptionists who work for Pioneer are on the list to provide legal transcription services, but for the few who do make the cut, it is a rewarding endeavor. 

After filling out the form below we will send you an audio test file to assess your abilities if we are hiring at the time you apply and if we see some of the qualities we are looking for in your application.  Please note we are not currently hiring California subcontractors because of the new AB-5 law.

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Legal Transcription Training Information:

Looking for Legal Transcription Training?   The Transcribe Anywhere course is amazing!  It includes a legal transcription handbook, Introduction to legal transcription (including how the courts work), Legal terminology (including Latin phrases), a Style Guide for Legal Transcriptionists, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (including a legal spellchecker for Microsoft Word), Business Plan, Practice Dictation (80 audio practice files, many with answer keys!), Forms and Templates, and a Cheat Sheet to keep handy when performing legal transcription work.

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