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Timestamped Transcription Services:

Our timestamped transcription services are perfect for production companies and large oral history projects.  Here at Pioneer Transcription Services we always include timestamps for anything we cannot make out or find a spelling for at no additional charge.  This will be marked as either [unintelligible (timestamp)], [inaudible (timestamp)] or [phonetic (timestamp)]. 

If a customer requests additional timestamps we are also willing to add in two additional timestamps per page at absolutely no additional cost.

But sometimes a client will request even more frequent timestamps, such as every 30 seconds, or at the beginning of each new answer.   We are happy to provide this service at a slight additional cost of .20 per audio minute.

We can even start timestamps at any number given. For example, we have a couple of clients who want to match a video timestamp but just want to provide us with an audio file.  So they will request that we start the timestamps wherever the video actually starts.  We have another client who likes us to have our timestamps run backwards, which we happily accommodate. 

We also do provide on-screen video timestamps.  We do offer these at no additional cost if it is just two per page and at the .20 per audio minute rate for more frequent insertions.

Our team of transcriptionists are all based in the United States and have an excellent command of the English language and are experts at using word processing software (Microsoft Word).  They are also all extremely well versed in researching unfamiliar names and terms that may come up in an audio or video recording.

We have been in business since 1990 and offer the best quality service at the most reasonable price we can.  We never offshore our jobs.  Each transcript is created by one of our highly trained United States-based transcriptionists.

Pioneer Transcription Services has an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We take customer satisfaction very seriously and always strive to produce quality work and to always meet the deadlines given by our clients.

You can upload files to us at any time of day or night.  Our system allows you to set the date and time you would like to have your transcripts back, and we will always do our best to accommodate your requests.  You are also given the opportunity when uploading files to tell us how you would like your speakers identified (Q & A, initials, names, whatever you want), and if you want us to include the ums and uhs.

We would love the opportunity to service your timestamped transcription needs.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.