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Research Interview transcription services:

You do not need to look any further for research interview transcription services.  PTS has been handling research interview transcription since 1990.  We have a lot of experience in assisting researchers by providing quality, accurate and affordable transcripts of their interviews in a timely manner.

Once you have conducted your interviews we know how important the next step is, which is getting those interviews transcribed.  Our team of United States transcriptionists (we never outsource overseas to non-native English speakers), is highly skilled in providing extremely accurate transcripts.  Each typist has undergone extensive testing and training and is constantly checked for quality assurance.  Our team takes great pride in going the extra mile in researching unfamiliar terms or names. Each of our transcriptionists is widely read and has a vast knowledge on a variety of topics.

We have worked with many universities over the years and are already a vendor with many of the universities.  If we are not already one of their vendors we do not have a problem filling out the necessary paperwork this sometimes entails.

When you are ready to have your audio files transcribed you can upload your files using the Upload a File button at the top menu bar.  We will then set up an account for you where you can track and see the process of the transcripts in the queue.  We will send each transcript back as it is completed, so you do not need to wait for the whole batch to be done before getting to work on analyzing your data.

We can handle all digital file types, including but not limited to MP3, MP4, WMA, DSS, DSS2, wav, msv and many others.  We can also handle video files if you have recorded your interviews as video.  We have even handled You Tube video interviews for some students.

Our prices are straightforward at $1.75 per audio minute for two-person, one-on-one interviews and standard turnaround time.  Other services may seem to offer lower rates, but they are almost always sending their work to foreign countries or paying their typists extremely low rates, which we feel shows in the quality of the transcripts they provide.  Our rates are very competitive with US-based services providing the same services that we provide.

Please feel free to call, e-mail or text if you have additional questions or specifics that you would like to discuss about your project.  We are available to assist you.