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Recorded statement Transcription:

We have been providing recorded statement transcription since we first opened for business in 1990.  If you are a private investigator or insurance company looking for a quality and affordable transcription company to provide these services, you can count on us.  We have a long-standing history of providing some of the best services in the industry.  We can provide transcription services for the following, as well as many other services:

  • Insurance recorded statements
  • Private investigator recorded statements
  • Spanish translation and transcription
  • Research interview transcription
  • Claims recorded statements and dictated reports

Our team of highly trained professionals are all based in the United States.  We do not offshore any of our projects.  All of our typists have passed our strict standards and undergo ongoing training while working for us.

We take confidentiality very seriously.  All typists have signed non-disclosure agreements, and we even offer a secure and encrypted file transfer service for your convenience.

We can handle almost any audio or video file type.  You simply Upload your file(s) to us at any time of day or night.  One of our highly skilled transcriptionists will type what is said into a Microsoft Word document.  After it has gone through our quality control process it will be returned to you.  You can choose either rush service (24 hours or less) at $2.00 per audio minute or our standard turnaround service (2 to 4 business days) for just $1.75 per audio minute.  We find that our clients like knowing exactly what any given transcript will cost them before they even send the file to us.  Please note that we do charge more for Spanish translation and transcription.

For ongoing clients we typically invoice once per month, although some clients prefer to receive an invoice with each transcript.  We are happy to work with you whatever your preference.  

We have a multitude of resources to assist us in finding spellings for street names, cities, and anything unusual that might come up in a transcript.  We go the extra mile to make sure we are providing the very best transcript we can provide to our clients, which is why some of our clients have been with us for many years. 

We have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau so you know we are a reliable company that has been around for many years.   Please do not hesitate to call (530-913-3051) or email ( with any additional questions you may have.