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Professional Transcription Service:

Pioneer is a professional transcription service located in Northern California, about an hour's drive from Sacramento.  We are located in the Sierra Nevada foothills but service clients throughout the United States.

The process for getting your audio files transcribed is very simple.  Simply upload your audio or video files to us at any time of day or night.  You will be asked a few questions, such as your name, company (if applicable), email address and how you would like the speakers in your audio identified.  You will also be asked if you would like us to include the ums and uhs and stutters or if you would prefer that we leave those out.  We will then set up your account.  Once you have sent us files one time you will have an account and will not need to answer the questions again, unless you want something done differently the next time.

We then create a transcript for you in Microsoft Word and send it back to you.  We use the best transcriptionists we can find.  All of our transcriptionists are based in the United States and are considered some of the best in the industry.  We continuously perform quality assurance on their work to be sure every job is up to our high standards.  All of the transcripts we produce are 100 percent human generated. We do not use voice recognition technology as there are so many nuances that it would be impossible to create the accurate transcripts we always strive for.

We can invoice businesses and universities at the end of each month.  One-off clients will be sent instructions on making a credit card payment.  Alternatively, you can call us and make credit card payments over the phone.

We have been in business since 1990 and have seen many changes in the transcription industry over the years.  We are a reliable and professional transcription service that you can count on.  Our rates are simple and straightforward at $1.75 per audio minute for standard turnaround (usually two days) and $2.00 for 24-hour turnaround.   Multiple speakers (more than four) are at a higher rate, as is Spanish transcription and translation.  We do not "grade" the audio as some transcription companies do and charge different rates for different "grades" of audio.  We want you to know exactly what you will be paying before you even upload a file to us, which is why we have formulated such a straightforward pricing structure. 

We invite you to try our services by uploading a file to us at any time.