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Our journalist transcription services cater to the special needs of journalists.  We know that journalists are always conducting interviews and so many times want these interviews transcribed as quickly as possible.  That is when professional journalists often call on our services to provide them with quality transcripts very quickly.

Why Use our Journalist Transcription Services?

We are well versed in many different topics.  Our transcriptionists are by and large individuals who spend a majority of their time reading and absorbing information.  We believe this gives us an upper hand in providing excellent quality services because of our wide knowledge base. 

We are also expert researchers and will put in the extra effort that is very often required to obtain the correct spellings of names, organizations and places mentioned in an interview.

Our prices are simple and easy to understand.  You will know what a given interview will cost before you even send it in to us.  It is always $1.75 per audio minute (unless you need a super rush and then it is $2.00 per audio minute).  So a 30-minute interview is $52.50, etc. 

We have an easy upload system.  Just look to the top of the right hand column and click the link that says Upload Files Now.  It is very similar to doing e-mail attachments.

We can handle MP4, Wav, Mov, MP3, DSS, WMA, MVP, etc.

Basically, we can handle any audio and almost all video file extensions. 

Interested in how to record a telephone interview?  ISI Telemanagement solutions has one option.  When a journalist wants to record an interview from a mobile phone on the road, she calls the Verba recorder and starts a three party conference to make the interview. It's that simple.

Once you upload your file to us, we transcribe it in a very timely manner (usually 24-hours or less, even if you do not ask for rush service), and then return it to you in Microsoft Word format.

We do not outsource our transcription services oversees, so you can be assured that your transcript will be transcribed in the United States by a native English speaking typist.

We have a high standard to our quality assurance procedure to ensure that all transcripts are of the highest quality.

We are always happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us.

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