Inserting Time Codes

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Instructions on inserting time codes

Inserting time codes can be a bit tricky for the new transcriptionist, but after setting up your transcription player it is really quite easy.  I will explain how to set up your time stamps in both Express Scribe and FTW.  I will also explain how to change the starting time from something other than 00:00:00, which is sometimes necessary when working with running time stamps for entertainment clients.

Inserting Time Stamps with Express Scribe

First you need to set up a hot key for your time stamp.  I use F1.  Open your Express Scribe software and click on the Options tab.  Next click on System Wide Hot keys or the Hot Keys tab.  Click Add.  A little box will pop up.  On the top portion it has a Hot-Key Item - choose F1 by pressing F1.  On the bottom portion of this box is an arrow that you can click next to the Command that allows you to change what you want that key to do.  Click the arrow and choose COPY TIME.  Click Okay.

Now when you are in Word and typing and want to insert a timecode, simply click your F1 key (which is basically copying the time) and then type ctrl + V to paste the timecode into your document.

Now for those special times when you want to change the start time of your audio or video.  Load your audio or video file into Express Scribe.  Right click on the audio file itself.   Dictation Information will be the first choice.  Click on that.  Now another box comes up and it has an option of offset time.  This is where you insert your beginning timecode.  Put that in and click okay and you are golden!

Inserting Time Codes with The FTW Transcriber

To set your time stamp format go to the Settings option on your FTW Transcriber.  Look for the option that says Set Time Stamp Format.  Set it up to the format you prefer.  There are also options on this screen to insert the time codes automatically in your document.  Click okay and you're set to go.  When you want to insert a time code when transcribing just hold down Ctl + shift + T all at the same time and it will automatically insert it for you at that spot. 

Now another trick that one of our typists shared with me is to go into settings and put brackets at the beginning and end of "Set Timestamp Format." And then check "At Start of Every Paragraph." Whenever you hit two returns, it will insert the timestamp.

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