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Why Use Human Transcription Services?

Human transcription services are far superior than any artificial intelligence transcription available today.  Huge strides have been made in voice recognition technology, no doubt about it.  But if you are looking for high accuracy, you might be disappointed in the results of voice recognition technology.  I have heard voice recognition technology has about a 70 percent accuracy rate.  Well, that is 30 percent that is WRONG!  In most instances, this is totally unacceptable.

Here at Pioneer Transcription Services we pride ourselves on using only United States, highly trained professionals to humanly transcribe all audio and video files for our clients.  We know the difference on when to use the words to, too and two.  We know the difference on when to use the words their, there or they're.  We engage our human brains when we are transcribing a file to know when something just does not make sense.  We go the extra mile and research with Google and other research websites to find the correct spellings of people, places, institutions, etc.  We take great care in creating each transcript we produce.  We also proofread our work before submitting it back to you in a Microsoft Word document.  You will not get these added benefits from an artificial intelligence or voice recognition technology option.

We have been in business since 1990.  We do stay current on technology but still feel highly-trained transcriptionists are the best way to get the highest quality transcript we can provide our clients.  Our rates are very reasonable at just $1.75 per audio minute for 2-day turnaround and $2.00 per audio minute for 24-hour turnaround.  (Please note:  Frequent timestamps and more than 4 speakers are charged at a slightly higher rate.)

We also pride ourselves on our communication with customers, confirming when we receive audio or video files from new customers and confirming any questions we may have.  We have had many new clients choose us because they said we looked like the most legitimate business they found on the internet.  We are the real deal!  

We accept all major credit cards as well as checks, PayPal, and other payment options as well.

You can upload audio or video files to us at any time of day or night.  Just use the Upload a file button on the top menu bar or the side menu bar at your convenience.