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General transcription is usually the name given to transcription work that is neither legal nor medical in nature.  This covers a wide range of transcription services, typically interview transcription, oral history transcription, seminar transcription, and many other specialties.

Pioneer handles a wide variety of transcription types.  In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to research a variety of topics using search engines and other online resources in order to return an accurate and complete transcript to our customers regardless of the subject matter.

How to Use Our General Transcription Services:

You can upload your audio or video files to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are always ready to assist you.  We have extremely fast turnaround (2 days or less usually) even at our regular rate of just $1.75 per audio minute.  If you are in a super big rush we can provide it in 24-hours for just $2.00 per audio minute!  We also offer weekend transcription service.  Please note that the above rates only apply if you upload the file to us through our website (see link on the top menu bar that says Upload a File).  Of course, we do not have a problem with picking up your audio and video files from your Dropbox or other download link, but the rate would be a little higher because of the extra work this involves.

If you are looking for an affordable transcription service that will allow you to look good to your clients, you have found the right service for you.

Many services send their work overseas for transcription in order to save money.  We always hire only United States transcriptionists.  Our transcriptionists are much more than just fast and accurate typists.  They are unique in that they will go the extra mile to research technical terms and jargon.  They are also well versed in proper grammar and punctuation.  We hire only the best of the best and the quality of the transcripts we provide proves it.  We have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau that we are very proud of.

Please note:  If you are a transcriptionist looking for work, please fill out our online interview sheet and if you have the qualities we are looking for and we are hiring at the time, you will be contacted to do a test with us.  Please note we are not hiring people in California at this time because of AB5 which limits subcontracting status.

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