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Documentary Interview Transcription

One of our specialties is documentary interview transcription.  We know that creating a documentary is fast-paced and exciting.  When you are looking for a transcription company that can turn your audio or video files into quality transcripts in a quick and professional manner, we are the team to call.

We use only United States-based transcriptionists and never send our work overseas.  We have strict quality control standards that allow us to provide some of the most accurate transcripts in the industry.

We have been in business since 1990 and have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We have helped many production companies and documentary filmmakers with their transcription needs.  We even worked on an Oscar winning documentary on OJ Simpson a couple of years ago.  

Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward.  We charge $1.75 per audio or video minute for up to four speakers with a standard turnaround time of two days.  Rush rates are just $2.00 per audio or video minute for up to four speakers as well.  

We can provide up to two timestamps per page at no additional cost (either on-screen or running timestamps).  We can enter timestamps even more often (every time the speaker changes or every 30 seconds, for instance), for a small additional fee.  These timestamps are quite handy when you are looking for a specific spot on the audio or video, as they allow you to find these sections quickly and easily.  We find our clients appreciate this pricing structure as they always know what they are going to pay for a given job before they even send the files to us for transcription.

You can upload a file to us here or you can even email us a link to a Dropbox or other file storage service and we will take it from there.  The information we need from you is if you want us to include all of the ums and uhs and stutters or leave them out.  We also need to know how you would like your speakers identified and if you would like any timestamps.  We always timestamp anything that is unintelligible or inaudible.  But if you would like two per page (at no additional cost) please let us know.  Also, if you would like more frequent timestamps we can do that for a small additional fee, but please let us know when you are uploading your files to us.

You are welcome to call or text us at any time for additional information at (530) 913-3051.  We would love the opportunity to assist you with your documentary interview transcription needs.