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Our Data Entry Services:

We offer data entry services to various companies and individuals who are looking for accurate input of their information. We can input your data into a spreadsheet or any online application of your choice.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Excel Spreadsheet Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Online Data Entry
  • Product Entry
  • Claims Processing
  • PDF Data Processing
  • Transcription Services

Using our services allows you to focus on your business while our team takes care of creating your database as well as any other office type tasks. Use our services to create spreadsheets of various industry directories for your sales team to use. We can input the specific fields you require from whatever sources you may have. This allows your sales team to be focused on building sales for your business while avoiding duplicate efforts. They can be ultra organized using a spreadsheet we can create for you.

All of our workers are based in the United States, with our main offices in Northern California. We are not based in India and we do not outsource to India, the Philippines or any other country.

While we cannot compete with the prices offered by offshore and overseas companies offering these same services, our accuracy rate is far above the average company offering this service.  We also pay our transcription team a large percentage of what we charge, making us one of the highest paying transcription services in the market.  Happy team = quality work.

Also, we take confidentiality seriously and consider all work that we process to be highly confidential.

If it would be easier to dictate your data into a digital recorder we can certainly service this need with our transcription services department. For this purposes we do offer a free file transfer service for large file transfers as many times audio files are too large to send by e-mail.  Just click the Upload a File button on the top menu bar and it will take you to the page to upload your files.

We would be happy to provide references who will attest to the quality of our work.  We have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau as well.

Please feel free to contact us for more information at any time.  We are very responsive and will usually answer our phone right away and respond to emails in an extremely timely manner.

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