Affordable Transcription Services

Pioneer is one of the most affordable transcription services in the industry.  We keep our pricing simple and straightforward at $1.75 per audio or video minute for standard turnaround time.  It does not matter if you have a "difficult" audio or a clean audio.  It is still $1.75 per audio minute.  The same with our rush rate of $2.00 per audio minute for a 24-hour turnaround.

We believe in giving customers what they want, and in our experience that is a reliable transcription service that is reasonably priced at the same time.  You will always know how much your transcription project is going to cost before you even commit to sending us your audio files because of our very simple pricing structure.

Some services are charging lower rates, it is true.  How can they do this and still make a profit?  They are paying their transcription team hardly anything - less than minimum wage even!  There has been a lot of flack on these companies lately and some of them are even being boycotted.  We have some of the best transcriptionists in the United States and are doing our best to compensate them fairly for their hard work.

Some of the other services may claim a lower rate, but when you get right down to the nuts and bolts of it, they will add a surcharge for this and for that.  The only thing we charge extra for is if you do not upload your files directly to our server, and we need to pick them up from a Dropbox or other service, or if you need more than two time stamps per page.  We offer two time stamps per page at no additional cost, but please be sure to let us know you want these when you upload your files.  Another thing to keep in mind with some of the very low priced services is that they are probably sending the work overseas to non-native English speakers.  All of our typists are in the United States and highly qualified for this type of work.

How Our Affordable Transcription Services Work:

The way our process works for first time customers is you upload your files through our online transcription services link.  We will then download your files and create your invoice.  We will then send that to you with an estimated time of completion, along with complete instructions on making a credit card payment.  If you are a business or organization such as a university and would like to set up an ongoing account with us so that we invoice you once a month, that can easily be arranged.  We are happy to go through the vendor set-up process at any time.

If you want an accurate transcript at an affordable rate, give us a try.  We know you will be happy with our quality, our customer service, our fast turnaround and our pricing.

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