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Voice transcription is the process of taking a digital voice recording and turning it into a written transcript.  Pioneer Transcription Services has been providing this service since 1990.

We can handle your dictated audio files with ease.  We do not use speech recognition software for our transcription services, but all transcription is done by highly qualified human transcriptionists who have a wide knowledge-base from which to draw.  All of our transcriptionists are in the United States and provide excellent quality transcripts on a consistent basis.

We can handle many different types of dictation:

  • Dictated reports for busy professionals
  • Dictation of writers for books, articles, etcetera
  • Dictation summaries and legal documents for attorneys
  • Dictation of letters

We also handle two-person interviews, focus groups, presentations, multiple speaker seminars, and more.

Our services are extremely fast and efficient.  We use a straightforward pricing structure so that you will know exactly how much a transcript will cost you before you even send us the recording for transcription.  We find our customers appreciate this, especially those working on a budget.  You can see our prices on the right hand column.  These prices can include two timecodes per page if that is something you would like.  (Please be sure to ask for this if you would like it.)

Many other companies grade the audio A, B, C and then charge different rates.  Ours are always the same so there is nothing subjective about it.

We would love the opportunity to service your transcription needs.  You can easily send us a file at any time.

If you would like to discuss your project, please call us or e-mail us at any time.  Again, our contact information is in the right hand column.  We want to make this as easy for you as possible.

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