Meeting Transcription Services

Meeting transcription is the perfect solution for getting a written record of your meeting, whether it is an in-person meeting, a telephonic meeting, or an online meeting.  Many times things said in a meeting need to be reviewed at a later time.  What better way than to have a transcript of the whole meeting?

We are proficient in handling the sometimes tricky WebEx recordings, as well as a multitude of other file types, including but not limited to:  WMA, WMV, DVF, MP3, DSS, WAV, MSV, MPG, MPEG, FLV, MP3, DS2, et cetera.

We can also pick up a recording from any internet link that you send us at no additional charge.  Simply e-mail us at, sending the link you would like us to use to retrieve your audio.  Even if there is not a download option we are proficient in being able to re-record it if necessary in order to create the transcript you need.

Our team of transcriptionists is extremely qualified and they go through a rigorous testing procedure in order to work with us.  We are constantly double checking their work for quality assurance to ensure that they are continuing to meet our high standards.

Transcribing meetings can be a bit technical because of the multiple voices involved.  We do not charge extra for two to three voices.  Those are charged at our basic rate of $1.50 per audio minute.  If there are multiple voices (4 or more) our rate is $2.25 per audio minute.  There is oftentimes a lot of talkover between speakers and we must go over the audio several times to make sure we get as much of the conversation as we possibly can.  Again, we are keeping our pricing structure simple so that you always know what you are going to pay for any given transcript before you even send it in to us.

You can upload files to us at any time of day or night and we will quickly process them through our system.

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