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Our market research transcription services are the perfect solution for your market research company.  Whether you are looking to have several focus groups transcribed or a series of interview, Pioneer offers high-quality transcripts at an unbeatable price.

Here at Pioneer we have a staff of incredibly talented transcriptionists, based in the United States, who pride themselves on doing the best possible job on each and every transcript we produce.  Each typist is trained in a variety of fields and does extensive Google research if necessary to find terms, product names, spellings, et cetera. 

Because we have such a large, knowledgeable staff, we can handle large projects with ease.  We do offer volume discounts if you have over 20 hours of audio.  Please ask us specifically about your specific situation to see if this applies.

We also believe that no job is too small and we have no minimums.  You are welcome to send us your transcription jobs whether they are as short as 3 minutes or as long as 30 hours.  We are here to provide transcription services to a wide variety of clients.

We know that time is of the essence, and we do get your jobs processed as quickly as possible without ever sacrificing quality.  We can handle multiple audio files very quickly.  We have a full staff every day of the week.  Many of our typists work weekends and holidays as it works best for them and their individual schedules.  This is a huge bonus for our clients!  Just think - you can send in a set of interviews to be transcribed on Friday and have them back in your inbox Monday morning.  (Subject to availability, of course.)

Try our services free!  We offer a free 10 minutes of audio free for first-time customers.  See our Free Transcription page for further details.

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