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Teleseminar transcription is basically transcription of a seminar that has been conducted over the telephone. These might be training seminars, sales seminars, or other types of telephone conferences with multiple participants.  Or it may just be a training seminar with one speaker presenting information to a variety of individuals.

Why would you want to have your teleseminar transcribed? Well, you can do a number of things with a transcript from a teleseminar.

You can easily use portions of the transcript for a free report you may want to give away to potential clients. Or you may want to turn the transcript into an e-book to sell. This could pay for the cost of the transcription services possibly in a single sale of the e-book, depending on the price of the e-book and the length of the teleseminar.

Another reason to get your teleseminar transcribed is to possibly use portions on your website, which would allow the search engines to grab up any keywords in the text that they wouldn't find in the audio. This will only help you in getting your website ranked higher for your specific keywords.

Pricing for transcribing your teleseminar is straightforward. It is $1.50 per audio minute for standard turnaround time (five to seven days) or $1.67 per audio minute for 24-hour turnaround. We find our clients appreciate this pricing structure as they know exactly how much they are going to pay before they even submit the job for transcription.

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