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Reality Show Transcription

Our reality show transcription services include transcribing interviews for pre-production, as well as preparing transcripts for post-production purposes.

We can provide time codes or time stamps to your specifications. We offer professional and extremely accurate work with very fast turnaround, as we understand the need for quick turnaround in the entertainment industry.

Our media transcription services include the following:

  • Television 
  • Educational
  • Talk Shows
  • Religious Shows
  • Infomercials
  • Raw Footage Transcripts
  • Documentaries
  • You Tube Videos
  • Any Online Video

  • We can provide B roll transcripts as well.

    Pioneer Transcription Services has been in business since 1990.  We were one of the very first companies offering digital transcription services.  We have stayed ahead of the current trends and are well versed in working with all types of video and audio formats.  You can send us either audio or video files.  We can also work directly from any link you provide to us, even if it does not have a download option.

    We have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and take that rating very seriously.  We always work to provide the best customer service as well as quality transcripts.

    Our pricing structure is straightforward and simple.  For standard turnaround (2 days) our rates are $1.75 per audio or video minute and for 24-hour turnaround our rate is $2.00 per audio or video minute.  We always timestamp anything we are unsure about.  If requested, we can include two complimentary timestamps per page at no additional cost.  If you require more frequent timestamps (say every 30 seconds or so) the additional rate is just .25 per audio or video minute.

    All of our typists are based in the United States.  We never send any of our work offshore to other countries.  We want the best quality transcripts we can provide and feel it is important that the transcriptionists working for us are native English speakers with awesome grammar and punctuation skills.

    We have created thousands of transcripts over our 25 plus years in business so we are extremely experienced.  We also take confidentiality very seriously.  Each typist has signed a confidentiality, non-disclosure agreement and they understand they must never discuss or disclose anything they work on.

    We invite you to call or email us for any additional information.

    You are welcome to upload files to us using our online transcription file transfer service at any time of day or night.

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