We offer transcription of digital audio and video files into a written format. This is accomplished by the client sending their files in over a secure and encrypted server. We then create a Word document of exactly what was said on the audio or video file.

Our rates are very affordable at just $1.50 per audio minute for standard turnaround and $1.67 per audio minute for 24-hour turnaround. We find our clients really appreciate knowing up front the cost of any given transcript.

Regarding our standard turnaround time: It is usually 2 days! This is much faster than almost all other services for the standard turnaround rate.

You can upload files to us at your convenience using our online transcription service. All work is confidential and we are more than willing to sign any confidentiality agreements you may want us to sign. We even offer a fully encrypted file transfer service at no additional charge since this is important to many of our customers.

We are also available almost all weekends. This is another benefit over most other services. We try to make using our company as easy for you as possible.

You are always welcome to e-mail or call us (530) 432-8306 with any additional questions you may have.

Or upload files to us at any time and we will start processing your order.