Legal Transcription Jobs at Home

Pioneer Transcription Services does offer the opportunity of legal transcription jobs at home. These positions are for independent subcontractors, and individuals are responsible for their own taxes and benefits. Applicants must have their own equipment, including computers, word processing software (we prefer Microsoft Word), and transcription software and hardware.

Applicants should also possess the following skills: An "ear" for transcription and excellent grammar and punctuation skills.

Most legal transcription work involves transcribing witness interviews, dictated legal documents and summaries.

After filling out the form below we will send you an audio test file to assess your abilities.

Interview Sheet

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
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What word processing software do you have?
Do you have a foot pedal and software to handle digital audio files?
Do you have video capabilities with the ability to insert embedded timecodes?
Any transcribing machines? Standard or microcassette?
What is your availability?
How quickly could you turn around a 60-minute audio file?
Are you available for same-day turnaround on short files in the 20 minute range?
What would you consider your strengths as a transcriptionist?
What would you consider your weaknesses as a transcriptionist?
Do you like to read?
What do you read for fun?
What is your biggest reason for working from home?

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