What is Transcription?

Many people have heard the term "work at home transcription" but might be wondering what is transcription?

Well, transcription is basically typing an audio or video into a written transcript. In the not too distant past, the audio would have been in the form of tapes, either standard or micro-cassette tapes. About ten or so years ago the audio went digital and now most recordings are made on digital recorders. In the past, before the digital era, transcription services had to provide pick up and delivery of cassette tapes and transcripts, use a delivery service, or a mailing service. This limited a transcription service to pretty much their own geographic area. Once the internet got going and then the advent of digital recording, the barriers of client/transcriber location disappeared.

The process now is usually the client will dictate their letter, report or other dictation and then use a file transfer service or FTP site to remotely move the audio file to the transcription company. They would then download the audio file and using either purchased or free transcription software, create a type written transcript which they would then return to the client.

Recorded interviews are also recorded using digital recorders and are processed in the same way.

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