Microcassette Transcription

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Yes, we still do offer microcassette transcription services. We know in this digital age most transcription companies do not offer this service, but we realize that sometimes there is still a need for this service. It could be an old tape that an attorney's office or claims adjuster has that is now going to trial. Or it might just be that you have a recording on microcassette tape for whatever reason.

We will usually create a digital copy of your recording and work off of that, causing less wear and tear on your tape. This also allows us to process your order more quickly

We will also send you a copy of this digital file if you would like, as well as return your original tape, of course.

Our prices for working from microcassette tapes is $2.00 per audio minute. This price includes both the converting to digital file format, postage costs in mailing the tape back to you, and, of course, the transcription of the contents of the tape.

You can mail us tapes to the addresses listed below. If you are mailing via USPS please send to:

Pioneer Support Services
P.O. Box 853
Penn Valley, CA 95946

If you are mailing via UPS, FedEx or another carrier that requires a physical address, then please send to:

Pioneer Support Services
17345 Pioneer Way
Rough and Ready, CA 95975

It is usually best to contact us in advance either via e-mail or by phone at (530) 432-8306 so that we are expecting your shipment.

We will produce your transcript in Microsoft Word per our usual high standards and return that to you by e-mail or secure, encrypted file transfer if required.

Thank you in advance for considering us for your transcription needs. We appreciate you putting your trust in us. Please be assured we will give your project our undivided attention.

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