January has almost always been one of our slowest work months. So we were pleasantly surprised that this year was rather busy!

We've also started a focused marketing campaign so that we may see continued growth in 2010.

Speaking of 2010 - this year marks our 20th year in business! We have seen the transcription services industry go from picking up and delivering tapes and transcripts in person or via courier services, to uploading and downloading digital audio files and transcripts from the Internet. The quality of the recordings has improved dramatically with digital recording, which in turn has allowed us to create even better transcripts. We're also able to work with clients all over the globe now, which is really opening up new client possibilities.

Last year we added video transcription services too, which we find very exciting! We really try to embrace new technology here at Pioneer Transcription Services.


Now we realize that many of you are working globally also. Social media is all the rage - Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, et cetera. There are various tools and guides to using these social media and we hope to share some of what we're learning here with you.

We found this eBook guide on Facebook for Business to be very helpful. It explains the difference between business pages and personal profiles. The guide provides lots of tips on using the business pages to grow your business. We ourselves are trying to implement what we've learned in this guide. Please become a fan of Pioneer Transcription Services. Also, when you set up a page for your business, please contact us and we will become a fan of your business.

Each newsletter we will bring you another such guide or ebook to help you grow your business.

Another resource we found this month was Word Tips. This is a great website for those who work with Microsoft Word - which I think is most everybody! There are lots of Word helps and tips, especially with the docx file extension in Office 2007, which I know is causing people problems. This is a great website to bookmark for future reference.

Thank you so much for subscribing to our newsletter! See you next time with more resources and information that we think you'll find very useful.